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High Blood Pressure: Things You Should Know

High Blood Pressure: Things You Should Know

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, occurs when blood exerts a high, long-term force against the artery walls. High blood pressure places extra strain on the heart as it pumps blood out to the body. Over time, increased pressure can lead to other health issues.

Causes of hypertension depend on the type of high blood pressure. Primary hypertension develops gradually and has no identifiable cause, while secondary hypertension may be caused by an underlying medical condition or various medications.

Most patients don’t experience symptoms. However, even without obvious symptoms, hypertension can still cause damage to blood vessels and body organs. By the time that one’s blood pressure reaches 180/110 mmHg, they will experience symptoms like nausea and irregular or forceful heart palpitations. This stage, however, may be fatal.

Treating hypertension will depend on a patient’s blood pressure measurements and other health problems. Your pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida recommends working together with a team of healthcare specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Your physicians will suggest making lifestyle changes. However, a nutritious diet and regular exercise usually aren’t enough, so they may recommend medications that can help lower your blood pressure. A prescription drugstore in Florida that provides a large supply of these prescriptions can assist you on this matter.

For patients who have trouble picking up their prescribed medications at the pharmacy, it might be best to avail of prescription delivery in Florida. Getting your prescriptions delivered encourages greater medication adherence.

If you have other questions about hypertension, we’d be honored to discuss with you more at our first annual Spring Park Pharmacy Community Health Fair on September 22, 2018. We will be testing for high blood pressure, too, so see you there!

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