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6 Things You Should Stop Doing for Longevity (Part Two)

6 Things You Should Stop Doing for Longevity (Part Two)

Whether you are in your twenties or in your sixties, you can actually slow down your biological clocks and live longer! How? Our team at Spring Park Pharmacy has provided a list of suggestions below. Make sure to check out our previous blog post, too, for higher chances of getting a longevity boost.

  1. Stop cheating on your nighttime sleep.

    Epidemiological studies show that the amount and quality of sleep that a person gets can actually affect their lifespan. As a matter of fact, sleeping for fewer than six hours or for over nine hours has been shown to increase one’s risk of death. Aside from that, getting a good night’s sleep helps customers at a dependable pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida ward off stress, depression, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. So, we recommend that you take measures to help you fall asleep more quickly, such as meditating before bedtime and keeping your sleeping environment dark and distraction-free. If you still have sleeping troubles, seek further help from your healthcare providers.

  2. Stop thinking that only radical lifestyle changes count.

    While making sweeping changes in lifestyle may be inspiring, they can also be daunting for many people who come to a prescription drugstore in Florida for their medications and health concerns. Why not try aiming low instead? For instance, the next time you decide to eat healthier, you can choose to forgo with soda for a number of weeks or wake up twenty minutes earlier in the morning to fix yourself healthy meals for the day. Short spurts of activity every day can also reap huge benefits for your lifespan.

  3. Stop stressing.

    Like any other negative emotion, stress also takes its toll on the body and can actually shorten one’s life. By reducing your stress levels, you get to experience quality life and improve your health in the long run. Learning to relax, meditate, or journal your thoughts and feelings is simple yet one of the wonderful ways to de-stress. Ask your pharmacy offering prescription delivery in Florida for other tips.

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