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6 Things You Should Stop Doing for Longevity (Part One)

6 Things You Should Stop Doing for Longevity (Part One)

Many people, including usual clients at a first-class pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida, dream of living longer lives. In spite of this, they fail to adopt healthy habits that would bring them much closer to their goal. If you are one of them, our team of pharmaceutical experts recommends that you at least start with refraining from doing a number of things in the name of longevity.

Are you interested to find out what these are? Read on below for suggestions from Spring Park Pharmacy:

  1. Stop consuming mainly processed foods.

    One primary dietary change that has taken place over the past decades is the shift towards the consumption of more processed foods. This has led to changes in the way food is being processed today, thereby increasing the risk of diseases brought about by added sodium, increased sugar, more saturated fat, and less fiber. Your prescription drugstore in Florida recommends eating healthier food more often and reading the ingredients found on their label to know the kinds of substances that are getting into your body.

  2. Stop sitting still.

    Numerous studies have already linked poor physical activity to higher mortality rates. In fact, a 2011 study has found that engaging in a moderate-intensity workout for even just a quarter of an hour each day helps extend a person’s life for three extra years. On the other hand, people who achieved the threshold of thirty minutes’ worth of exercise daily had a longevity boost of up to four years. The results held true even for those individuals who had health problems. So, make a conscious effort to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine.

  3. Stop smoking.

    Keep in mind that continuing with your tobacco habits can rob you of decades of lives. So, if you want to live longer, we suggest that you stop smoking. As a provider of prescription delivery in Florida, we understand that quitting tobacco use can be a struggle, but just remember that staying tobacco-free can provide with a number of benefits, too.

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